“Three Rivers South: A Story of Young Abe Lincoln”

Thomas Hart Benton, Three River's South, Young Abe Lincoln

In honor of President’s Day (only a few days late!) we’re presenting Benton’s original illustrations used for “Three Rivers South: A Story of Young Abe Lincoln” (Virginia S. Eifert, Published in 1953 by Dodd, Mead & Company, New York). The book follows Lincoln through his adventurous youth, long before he was president of the United … Continue reading

West Texas

Benton, West Texas

West Texas 1952, oil on board 9 x 11 inches Essay by Henry Adams Author of Thomas Hart Benton: An American Original Around 1950, as Regionalism came under attack, Benton began to make trips into the lonely regions of the west and to produce paintings of western subject matter based on the sketches that he … Continue reading

“The Lord is My Shepherd” featured in Whitney’s video series

Thomas Hart Benton, The Lord is My Shepherd

A while back, we wrote about the enormous influence that Martha’s Vineyard had on Benton. (Read the post.)  Today, we came across a video from educator Laura Ridloff discussing The Lord is My Shepherd, one of his most significant Vineyard paintings.  The painting features George and Sabrina West, a deaf couple to whom Rita introduced … Continue reading

Benton and others on display at Kiechel Fine Art

Kiechel Fine Art: Benton, Curry, Nichols, Wood and others on display…: Kiechel Fine Art is proud to announce Defining America:Images of the 20th Century , a show that pairs heroic scenes of American h… Kiechel Fine Art: Lincoln Journal Star reviews “Defining America” at…: DEFINING AMERICA: IMAGES OF THE 20TH CENTURY September 23 – November … Continue reading