Benton and art during wartime

Thomas Hart Benton, Harbor Scene

What does war look like through the eyes of an artist like Thomas Hart Benton? That question is the focus of an exhibit at the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri, and is the topic of discussion in a recent podcast from Missouri radio station KBIA.  Host Raymond Stern and two panelists look at the … Continue reading

“The Lord is My Shepherd” featured in Whitney’s video series

Thomas Hart Benton, The Lord is My Shepherd

A while back, we wrote about the enormous influence that Martha’s Vineyard had on Benton. (Read the post.)  Today, we came across a video from educator Laura Ridloff discussing The Lord is My Shepherd, one of his most significant Vineyard paintings.  The painting features George and Sabrina West, a deaf couple to whom Rita introduced … Continue reading