Benton in the News: July 14 – 28

Benton in the News is a biweekly feature highlighting exhibitions, sales, and recent news clips about the artist.  To submit news items, email

Chazen Art Museum opens Loaded Images: Printmaking as Persuasion, an exhibition exploring lithographs with social or political statements.  Among the prints included in the show is Prodigal Son by Benton, which depicts a man returning to an abandoned shack in the midst of the Depression–a timely reinterpretation of the Biblical scene. The work is on display through Sept. 25.  Madison Magazine reviews the show. 

American Masterpieces from the Batten Collection at Chrysler Museum will remain on display through July 31st. Benton’s painting Picnic takes its place with works by Winslow Homer, Albert Bierstadt, George Bellows and others. Artfix Daily writes about the show and Benton’s work.

Mark Twain and Tom Benton: Pictures, Prose, and Song, a State Historical Society of Missouri exhibition, explores the artistic relationship between these two masters of their respective fields.  Chosen to illustrate the Limited Editions Club’s version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Benton showed an ability to translate the wit and naturalism of Twain’s words into lyrical and gestural illustrations. The show is on display through September.  Read about Benton’s work as an illustrator.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art announces Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties, “the first wide-ranging exploration of American art from the decade whose beginning and end were marked by the aftermath of World War I and the onset of the Great Depression.”  The exhibition includes the 1922 Benton painting Self-Portrait with Rita.  The show will run October 28 – January 29, 2012.  Globe Newswire previews the show.

Kiechel Fine Art launches our new website dedicated to the artist,  Intended as an educational resource, the website offers a full online catalogue raisonne of the artist’s lithographs, as well as articles and references.


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